Psychic Readings

Psychic-DevaYvette has over 23 years experience as a psychic both internationally and in Sydney, Australia.

Yvette is clairaudient (hearing/listening), clairsentient (feeling/touching) and clairvoyant (seeing).

Please note: psychic readings are for guidance only.

Many psychic readers have their own style of supporting those searching for answers. Yvette’s information enables the individual to receive new insights into their current situations.

Through her gift, Yvette provides gentle guidance to assist her clients in making decisions for themselves thus empowering their lives both personally and professionally. Spirit and the tarot cards are useful tools for timing on events. Yvette’s clients have the opportunity to ask questions in which Yvette often gives suggestions, however, Yvette will state “I am not God” and is upfront in letting her clients know if she is not receiving a response.

All readings are designed to provide information to support and help to improve the clients’ lives and loved ones. Clients are encouraged to write down the information during the session for future reference. Psychic guidance offers clarity to release the distress surrounding uncomfortable situations. Yvette’s suggestions are for self-empowerment enabling a new outlook on life.

Commonly asked questions

Do I need to bring personal items (e.g. photos, jewellery) for a reading?

Yvette does the majority of her readings over the phone, so photos are not necessary. Yvette tunes into the name, date of birth and energy of the person, therefore, it is not necessary to bring mementoes.

Can I connect with a person who has passed over?

On many occasions, Yvette has worked as a medium. She has helped clients connect with loved ones that have passed over. However, there are no guarantees. Yvette jokingly states “I am not God” – it is up to the person’s spirit as to whether or not they wish to present themselves and connect. This is also explained over the phone to the person wanting a medium reading prior to making an appointment.

How do I know this is a genuine psychic reading?

When loved ones come through they will state something that is specific to the person being read for, to prove their authenticity. Some messages are obviously more detailed than others but either way, the message is dear to one’s heart. The messages vary depending on the spirit’s personality when they were on the earth plane.