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Archangel Michael Invocation : Confidence Invocation

Please help me to restore my courage, strength and self-confidence in my life. I understand that you are the Archangel of protection please clear out any lower energies that reside in my chakras that are hindering my progress in life. Think and feel your situation you would like A.Michael to help you with and then repeat 3 times whilst you have your hand placed over your heart

" Archangel Michael please, I call upon you now asking for help as I am in need of your assistance " I am grateful for your help. Amen, Inshallah, Name

Archangel Gabriel : Artist Within Invocation

Archangel Gabriel please open the doors of opportunities beyond my wildest dreams in all my artistic endeavours. I thank you for your assistance, with my creative path, to live my passion with authenticity & abundance on all levels.

Please shower me with your resourceful insights & assist me to be time efficient, productive, inspired & have joy in my creative journey.

Inshallah, Amen & Namaste

Archangel Chamuel : Career Invocation

Archangel Chamuel please help me with my job seeking. I feel lost in my search and need direction. Please assist me to KNOW I deserve a healthy work environment and a job that inspires me to be my true authentic self.

Please infuse me with your power to attract a position in an organisation where I am respected and acknowledged for all my efforts.. I thank you for all your guidance and wisdom.

Amen, Inshallah & Nameste

Goddess Athena : Love Invocation

"I now surrender to you my inner critic, Athena. I ask for your wisdom. Support and engulf my whole being with your divine innate energies of passion, strength and desire to live my life purpose with authenticity"

Amen, Inshallah, Nameste.

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Sanat Kumara : Power Invocation

"Sanat Kumara, please shower me with your powerful energy at this time as I am feeling despondent and emotionally negative. I know you will assist me to be more connected to the eternal Source. Please cleanse my aura and physical body and permeate me throughout with your Divine restorative healing light.”

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Melchzedek : Power Invocation

​Melchizedek I ask for your powerful energies into my home so that the sale of my home will be a profitable transaction. I request that it be a simple yet prosperous endeavour. Please shower me with your powerful energy to be calm and practical with the sale. I know your powers will give me abundance on all levels. I appreciate your help, Powerful Melchizedek.

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