Attracting your life partner workshop

This introductory workshop to attracting your life partner will reveal the real reason why you are still single.

Yvette has over 19 years experience in helping women realise they deserve true love and to feel sexy.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection” – Buddha

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Freedom by Lauren McKinnon 2014 (C)

Would you love more confidence?

Based on over 20 years experience, this program will reach you skills to manage daily stress.

You will learn effective, personalised techniques so you have MORE confidence to achieve your goals.

When you have MORE confidence- You know you deserve to shine and Live your life purpose with passion.

Most of us go to bed and reflect on what happened that day. We often say ” I have to do this next time” or “I didnt deal with that the way I wanted to…” or ” I didnt do that the way I wanted to” or “Tomorrow I will exercise or stand up for myself or deal with that better”

We think about the things we’d like to change, but most of us do nothing and end up doing the same thing over and over again like we did the day before… and so the pattern continues but….

This program offers you the choice to be the REAL YOU

Most of us invest in looking good because everyone sees what we wear and what our face looks like so we wear the clothes that makes us feel better or the makeup we like but …

What about our minds?

Ask yourself “What work have I done in the last year or 10 years to reprogram the way I think?


Do you have the courage to take action and affect positive change in your life?

The choice is yours!

Book your personalised 10-week program now for only $1,650 (SAVE $400) or 5-week program now for only $825 (SAVE $200)

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