How does 3 in One Concepts (Kinesiology) work?

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Kinesiology is a gentle and effective tool that is used to take the client back in their lifetime where the stresses first occurred.

It is at these ages where the client is able to identify with what happened in the past.

The event is just the catalyst for the emotional pattern that resurfaces in present time when under stress.

The past emotional stress is acknowledged and cleared (utilising specialised techniques with Yvette’s guidance). The client is able to make new choices.

This rewarding opportunity gives a new view on life.

However if stress is ignored, it may produce a physical, emotional or mental state that causes self sabotaging behaviour.

Kinesiology works on the principle in order to achieve a desired state of mind.

The Stress firstly needs to be recognised (through accessing the belief system-Brain Testing), then acknowledged and finally rebalanced (Reprogramming). This enables a sense of clarity to be restored.

Yvette Miley: 3 in One Concepts Advanced Instructor & Consultant

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