Improve your vision naturally

EFT is one of the  best natural ways to improve your vision.

“Seeing others is intelligent; seeing yourself is true wisdom; mastering others is strength; mastering yourself to see your vision is true power”-Lao Tzu (c. 604 -531 B. C.).

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The Vision Intensive Workshop is a 3 month program using EFT.

You will experience one of the most time effective ways to have better eyesight. Yvette will teach you how easy it is to start to improve your vision using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) over a 3 month period. EFT is a combination of practices that include needle-less acupuncture, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and TFT, (Thought Field Therapy). This multifaceted approach is highly effective for all individuals to gain more clarity in life.

It is interesting that most of us have been taught to view vision to breaking a limb in such a different light. For example, If you break a leg the medical practitioner will give you crutches for a limited time whilst your leg mends. You would exercise your leg to help your leg heal to its natural state. The doctor does not tell you to use the crutches for years and maybe the rest of your life. Imagine if this was the case, and we all had to use crutches and even wheel chairs after breaking a leg. It sounds silly, but that is exactly what we have all been taught about wearing glasses. Think about how many years you have put your glasses on, without a second thought to doing any daily exercises, to help strengthen your vision.

Yvette is passionate about helping you to see more clearly. Her expertise in reducing emotional stress has helped many over the past 19 years to have better vision physically, mentally and emotionally. She will support you during your 3 month program so that you can realise that you are able to improve your vision naturally. Your current vision is influenced by your past experiences that are stored in your subconscious.

EFT is one of the best known tools to help release emotional blocks out of the body. Yvette will guide you through this process to help release the emotional blocks by accessing your subconscious for you to acknowledge and release these blocks thus improving your vision. 


An added bonus from participating in one of Yvette’s programs to improve your vision, is that the benefits will flow into many other areas of your life on an unconscious and conscious level. You will begin to respond calmly in situations where in the past you may have over-reacted.

It is common that participants have been told by authority figures that their eyesight will not improve. This creates a huge resistance to change. Resistance to change is a priority to accept and clear at the commencement of the program.

Releasing this resistance opens the doors to endless possibilities.

The 3 month program covers a myriad of aspects including resistance to improving your vision, self-limiting beliefs, inherited beliefs, subconscious, unconscious and conscious behaviours. Additionally, we will view the child’s external environments and internal reactions and the adult “negative self” talk about vision. It is that easy. Feedback from attendees often state they feel more confident, happier and calmer.

Prerequisite: Your willingness to be open to be the receiver of kind and gentle help.

3 Month Program: 1 workshop per month (March, April and May 2015). Each workshop is one month apart so all participants have adequate time to integrate all their learning and put the given techniques into practice on a daily basis to gently improve their vision.

*Workshop numbers : Yvette is passionate that everyone is helped so there is only 8-10 participants per workshop. However, you may revise your learning and attend any workshop subject to availability.

Workshop Dates for 2015

  • Option 1 Saturdays  7th March, 11th April, 9th May
  • Option 2 Sundays 22nd March, 19th April,17th May

Join Yvette in the journey of discovering how to improve your vision, have fun and enjoy the freedom of seeing your world in a better light.

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End of Summer Special

End of Summer Special 1 Day Workshop

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