Soul Connection

Your connection is affected by the energy stored in your Chakras (energy systems) and Belief System.

This course has been designed to teach you how to start releasing your past unwanted energies and thoughts out of your Chakras and Belief System (the Subconscious part of your Brain). These unwanted energies and thoughts are derived from your past lives (karma), genetic programming and childhood experiences. 

You will learn why and how these unwanted energies and thoughts affect your ability to be connected to your Soul. When you are more in alignment with your Soul you have more confidence in daily life.

Even though these energies are stored in the Subconscious Brain and the Chakras they can start to be released gently. One of the best known ways to release karma and reprogram the Belief System are Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Technique (needless acupuncture).

Resistance to Change

It is normal to feel a resistance. Change can be challenging but being honest with how you feel about the change is a great place to start.

Being open to participate in each section of the course will help you to gently shift your focus to what you do want out of life. When your resistance starts to shift you will feel more confident, authentic and happier. When there is happiness there is a Soul Connection within the whole being. The opportunities are endless to what you will achieve in your life.

Yvette has over 19 years experience in the field of helping students. Many students have stated that they feel motivated, positive and lighter in themselves.

Your desires are achievable when you start to release unwanted energy and thoughts out of your whole being. New and exciting experiences will unfold as you have accepted and feel safe for your Soul to Shine, that is true Soul Connection.