Shine from within

When riding this wave of life there is always the chance you may get dumped in the swell however, it’s the recovery that matters. Having the confidence to paddle out and get back in the pipeline is something we can all achieve with professional coaching. When confidence to do this is mastered – you can really enjoy the thrill of the ride.

What do you see, feel or hear in this image?

The sun is shining. The wave is powerful. The surfer is successful. The rider is confident.

Do you want more confidence?

If your answer is “Yes” then…

What is stopping you?

Do you have unproductive thoughts in your head like:-

‘I’m stupid” or “I only have to look at chocolate and I put on weight” or “I hate this job?”

How do you feel after you have these thoughts?

  • powerless
  • helpless
  • angry
  • sad
  • lost

Have you ever wondered why some people have success in;-

  • career
  • finances
  • money for fun
  • loving relationships
  • sexy bodies

Whilst others:-

  • hate their jobs
  • have little money
  • are not in love
  • feel fat and ugly

If you are still reading this then you know what I am talking about.

So what is the secret to have the life you desire?

There is no secret-none whatsoever. I know how to help you to have more confidence, to start living the life you desire. The life you dream about but there is no secret expect to start to feel your world in present time without the baggage from the past.

When you have more confidence, you feel better about yourself. I have helped many clients (testimonials) to transform their lives. You can only shine from within when you have more confidence. When you have more confidence, you will feel your power from within.

The power within

Let us now explore your power to manifest. The world consists of energy – we are all energy. Our thoughts create a vibration of energy and that vibrational frequency is sent out to the universe. The universe simply responds to your thoughts and feelings attached to the thought. Yes, that is correct if you have a thought and then feel sad or unhappy you give mix messages to the universe.

For example, think of when you had a bad day and you said “what more can go wrong?” and it did. Now think of a day when something went wrong and you did not feel over-emotional about it. Did your day improve? Nine out of ten times it will.

The difference is when you only thinking your world you limit the Laws of Attraction but when you feel your world you will attract miracles into your life. Your beliefs from the past limit your ability to have that which you desire.

Think about smiling for example. Can you smile and feel sad? No, when you smile you feel happy and sometimes even laugh. Now let us conduct another experiment.

The experiment

Asking for a sign from the universe. When asking you must give it a time-frame so let us say within 48 hours. Make a note in your diary and then add a note 48 hours later. Did anything unusual happen? Explore what transpires.

I personally have a morning ritual I have been doing for many years. I have experienced: a creative idea; met a really kind like minded soul and once an old school friend that had not seen in 10 years turned up unannounced at my home.

Morning Ritual

I wake up and say “Please universe present something beneficial to me within 48 hours that I desire.”

The desire for change

No one can jump into that head of yours and say “You are sexy” or ‘ You deserve a better job with better pay” No, its all up to you. You have to desire it.

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” Napoleon Hill

I guarantee you that if you have the desire to want more confidence to shine from within, I will help you but you must be open to exploring your resistance. Please remember when you book in for your first consultation to include your findings on what the universe presented to you.