Money & Career

How do you feel towards money?

worried?   scarcity?   unsupported?  frustrated?  scarcity?

Your experiences from childhood have determined your beliefs around money. What you felt, heard and saw from your parents and authority figures around money has a direct influence on your financial status today.

Your brain is wired like a computer. Your subconscious has at least 10-20 years of wired programming to think a certain way about money based on your external environment. Most children watched their parents argue, have conflict and struggle around money. Either way, as a child you have witnessed behaviours that are in conflict with your own beliefs about money. This is exactly what is blocking your success when it comes to money.

Your subconscious controls 85% of your decision-making. Unless you clear out this wiring, you will continue to struggle to live the life you desire. Moreover, it is your birthright to have more freedom to create money easily. Your parents fears and attitudes about money is wired into your subconscious from childhood. These fears and attitudes must be cleared in order to have more money.

The Bottom Line: Our childhood experiences create limitations based on our parents’ beliefs and our reactions to their behaviours. It is that simple! It is our birthright to shine and live our life purpose with passion in career and money

One of the fastest ways to release these fears on money is to rewire your subconscious. 


When your brain is rewired your new found authenticity will create abundance and money for you without the interference of your parent’s programming.  You will easily obtain the things that having money offers whether it is a new car, a great new job, a wonderful trip overseas or your dream home.

Yvette has 19 years’ experience in the field of rewiring the brain professionally known as kinesiology and EFT (needless acupuncture). These techniques are known to have excellent results in forming new pathways to success in money matters and career advancements.

Yvette has helped many clients to rewire their programming from childhood in order to have a new perspective on money.

Our subconscious cannot distinguish between imagination and reality and this is how we can easily re-wire our brain.

A Deeper Understanding 

We start to filter our world from childhood, resulting in limitations to how we view the world. As children, we all want approval from our parents in order to belong to our family. We may also rebel against our parents beliefs consciously or subconsciously when it comes to money saying or thinking “no it will be different for me when I’m a grown up” …’I will have money and buy what I want!

As a child you may have felt that dad only cared about money and his vigilance about money may have caused you to have a belief of scarcity and lack. Maybe mum always worried about money and so you may either worry too or rebel and want to shop and spend and not understand why you are doing it.

Either way, you are currently tied to your genetic patterning (parents beliefs) when it comes to money. Unless you clear out your childhood emotional attachments to your parents, you will have issues around money. Each generation is here to evolve.

Rewiring your brain is a great place to start to have more money.

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