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The power to attract your life partner

Individual sessions are designed to release several emotional blocks from your energy systems/brain gates that are hindering your progress to attract a life partner.

The sessions will cover many aspects of self (internal and external environmental factors) that affect one’s behaviours when it comes to attracting your life partner.

The emotional blocks are very deep and there are reasons why you have not yet attracted your life partner -these reason and emotional wounds will be explored in session.

Emotional wounds are based on the following:

  • genetic patterning;
  • past lives;
  • childhood experiences.

All of the above reside in two main areas: the brain (subconscious) and the chakras (energy systems). The tools to reprogram the brain are kinesiology and EFT.

Yvette has over 19 years experience in the field of helping clients increase their self love in order to be open to a loving relationship.

The combination of EFT and Kinesiology helps to clear the subconscious wounds that block the potential to own your power to attract your life partner.

To the degree of what partner is attracted will be up to the individual to explore and refine if required.

Program details

Program duration10 weekly private sessions
BONUS 11th SESSION FREE - covers/clears blockages in writing your list, the ritual and daily customised invocations
Total cost (AUD$)$2,100
EARLY BIRD OFFER! $1,650 (SAVE $450) - available to first 10 clients to book and pay (in full) in 2015.
More informationClick here to contact Yvette for more information or to check program availability