What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology (kin-easy-ology) is the study of motion.

Kinesiology helps restore balance to the body mentally, emotionally and physically and reduce stress.

Why would you want to experience kinesiology? 

Kinesiology is one of the most powerful techniques to improve every aspect of your life. It helps to reduce aches and pains in the physical body. In the mental body, it helps to relieve anxiety, depression, obsessions, addictions and phobias. Additionally, it increases motivation and energy levels. In the emotional body, it helps to have more confidence and increase artistic, sports and work performance.

Who can benefit? 

Anyone that wants more out of life than what they are currently experiencing will benefit from kinesiology. Yvette is passionate about supporting her clients to know they deserve to be the best version of themselves. Feel the need to release unwanted emotions  click here

Who has felt the benefits? 

Yvette has worked with professionals from small business owners to CEO’s, administration, managers, law practitioners, social workers, chiropractors, teachers, counsellors, singers, musicians, architects, designers.

Organisations such as (Deloitte, AMP, Cliftons and Triple M), have experienced the benefits that kinesiology has to offer. Yvette’s facilitating has increased productivity levels by 30-50% in the workplace. This is due to her focusing on increasing confidence and motivational levels that resulted in a reduction of sick leave due to stress. Moreover, there is a healthier synergy within the workplace.

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What are the most powerful benefits for you?

  • more clarity in life
  • more confidence and better communication skills
  • acknowledging your individuality and loving it
  • automatically responding instead of reacting
  • improves sports performance
  • discover richer and more meaningful relationships

a natural change was created because Yvette is passionate about supporting individuals to live their life purpose passionately.

The Key to happinness comes from within. You will learn from Yvette how easy it is to have more confidence, learn effective ways to respond and not react in stressful situations and learn excellent communication skills to achieve your goals.

How does 3 in One Concepts (Kinesiology) work?

Kinesiology is a gentle and effective tool that is used to take the client back to where the stresses first began known as age recession. The client then is able to identify with what happened in the past. The event/situation is the catalyst for the held in emotional stress. Once the emotional stress is identified and cleared {utilising specialised techniques with Yvette’s guidance}. The less stress enables the client to feel more centred to make new choices.

Three in One Concepts does not focus on “problems” or “symptoms.” Our focus is on the cause. The cause is normally from age 0-7 when we create our beliefs about life. These beliefs are based on our environmental factors. As adults, our internal (belief system) and the external environment from childhood determine how we manage stress. A person in stress will experience ‘reactive’ emotions. Reactive emotions mean we react out the past stress in present situations. Releasing these ‘reactive’ emotions restores a feeling of calmness. This is called self-empowerment and is an ally in stressful situations. When one is self-empowered, one will make logical, intelligent decisions under stress with confidence. Yvette helps you to reprogram your brain by releasing the stress from your past to have joy in your life

Yvette is the only NSW representative on the Australian 3 in One Concepts website (link).

The video below explains how easy it is to reprogram the brain and that is exactly what Yvette helps you to do. Create new pathways to have what you desire.

History of Kinesiology 

In 1960, a chiropractor, Dr George Goodheart D.C, used “muscle testing” as a tool to identify imbalances in the body (Applied Kinesiology). In 1970, Dr Thie D.C (chiropractor) designed kinesiology for the layperson. In the 1960’s, the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) was formed to develop a professional body of practitioners and set professional standards in training.

In 1996, Yvette joined AKA as an internationally accredited practitioner and facilitator of 3 in 1 Concepts (conscious, subconscious and body). The 3 in 1 Concepts  “approach is very gentle and non-invasive, where individuality and individual freedom of Choice are respected through the tender regard for human dignity and ethical co-operation; where respect for one’s integrity is directly related to the highest good of oneself and the highest good of all” (3in1concepts).

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