Kinesiology Tools of the Trade

Learn techniques to release emotional, mental and physical stress

Daily stress effects us everywhere. It can happen at work, at home, with friends or family members.

Just imagine how freeing it would be to be able to help ourselves in the moment.

Tools of the Trade introduces a ‘brain testing’ technique that enables biofeedback – the state of the person when in stress.

  • Clear circuit muscle testing enables us to identify and clear a muscle to work effectively with our clients
  • The behavioural barometer designed by Gordon Stokes is the main tool to identify our emotional and desired states of mind
  • Age recess enables us to identify stresses (emotional states) that have kept us locked into a feeling (e.g. angry, upset, hurt) that prevents us from being happy in present time
  • Unresolved stressors are unhealthy for our well being. How we felt in the past affects how we feel in our current lives affects our future. That is why so many of us feel stuck. So it is best for us to resolve our stressors that are locked away in our subconscious
  • Once identified we can create new choices enabling major life changes.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages of stress learn to identify and rebalance.

On completion

  • International accreditation
  • Feeling totally comfortable with:” telling the story” (Reading the Behavioural Barometer);
  • Learning to use 3 different muscles to test.
  • Using Brain Testing as a tool to identify stresses;
  • Age Recession
  • Defusing stresses
  • Infusing the desired States of Mind
  • Identifying 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage stresses

Course details

Course duration2 days
Class sizeMax. 8 students per class
(all students receive individual help from the facilitator)
Prerequisites- A willingness to learn
- An up-to-date, accredited facilitator (check your facilitator has completed their accreditation updates every 2 years)
- A private consultation prior to the course (optional)
Materials providedInternational Manual from 3 in One Concepts - Burbank
Meals and refreshmentsMorning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is included (both days)
Total cost (AUD$)$995

International students: Please contact us for pricing

Please note, all courses require 30 days notification in writing/email to cancel. No refund is issued after this date.

Course dates

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