“Yvette worked with my clients to illustrate how kinesiology/EFT can help them. Yvette has exceptional people skills, which enabled my clients to feel completely at ease. She has a vibrant communication style that contributed a healthy and positive environment. Yvette is a unique and talented practitioner, life coach and trainer. I would strongly recommend her to anyone wanting help with whatever is stressful in their lives.”

– Jenny Livanos, Optometrist & Business Owner (Linkedin)

 “In 2005, Yvette helped me to work through my emotional issues associated with the death of my father, through the use of kinesiology, EFT and a range of complementary professional techniques. I felt the benefits and decided to continue having sessions with her to work to improve my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. I am achieving success in my business and personal life and I attribute a lot of that to what I have done with Yvette. “

– Naleeni, IT Compliance Analyst (Linkedin)

 “Yvette is like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, you always look for it and it’s never there but now Yvette has become my pot of gold.  Her knowledge is vast and she happily shares this in a way that is easy to assimilate.

Yvette has wisdom I have seldom seen before in others and a palpably caring attitude and a brilliant mindShe has a lovely warm and giving personality and she convinces you that that anything is possible and arms you with the tools to achieve your dreams by illuminating things that you would never have thought of.

 Something major that Yvette has done for me is to build my self-esteem and this has led to living a much happier existence and achieving my goals.  More importantly, you gain an understanding to why you are the way you are. She is open and caring and when my sessions are finished, I am considerably calmer. Yvette has a real knack for getting to the root of the matter. She is truly gifted and she uses her gift to help others and she is a blessing. 

I am so glad that Yvette came into my life; she puts things into perspective and coaches you until you are comfortable and ready to move forward. My gratitude to Yvette knows no boundaries”.

– Lisa Varley, Head of Sales Asia- Soho Flordis (LinkedIn)

 “In 2010, was the very first time I made contact with Yvette was after a trauma in my family. I was so desperate for answers and some reassurance. I cannot put in to words the energy I felt when I was greeted by Yvette’s kind voice. I felt an instant connection and she was spot on about what had occurred and gave me the answers I desired.

Since this first conversation, I have contacted Yvette on several occasions, mainly when I have reached a cross-road in my life. The thing I love most about our conversations is Yvette’s honesty and her direct approach. We often find ourselves having a good laugh and I feel like Yvette is an old friend that I have known for years.

I can honestly say that I have made some big life changes based on information I have received during our sessions and I have never looked back. 

So whether you are in search of answers or you just need some support, Yvette offers a no pressure environment to start or re-energize your life journey.”

– Nikki Zarra, Executive Assistant & Admin Manager (LinkedIn)

“I have been seeing Yvette Miley for about 8 years. Usually once a year, or when my wife and I have to make life changing decisions. Like changing jobs, negotiating pay, moving to other countries, buying property, having children and the list goes on. The most life changing thing Yvette has done for me was to improve my emotional health. For many years she was giving me support about my emotional health and what I had to do to improve it. I wasn’t listening.

Finally over the last 6 months I have done exactly as Yvette suggested. From seeing an acupuncturist on a regular basis to what to eat and what exercise to do. I feel fantastic and I am very grateful for this. I would like to thank her for giving me well-constructed guidance when I really needed it.”

– Ty, Hospitality Manager at Bright Employment (LinkedIn)

“I have seen a number of psychics over the years for guidance and connection with the spirit world. I have never encountered someone as intuitive as Yvette. Her ego just does not get in the way of truly connecting with insight. She is not at all afraid to say “I’m not God” or that she isn’t able to see something clearly.

There is no guesswork with Yvette. She is very specific about time-frames and her predictions begin to come to fruition within hours to days in my experience. I have found her readings empowering because they’re not passive experiences- she helps me to clarify my goals or hopes and then through her intuitive guidance also recommends what daily work I need to do to release or transform patterns of self-limiting in order to access my true potential.

So buyer beware Yvette won’t be doing all the work while you ideally sit back and wait to be told you’re going to win the lotto or marry the love of your life. If you’re wanting that kind of dribble look elsewhere. Yvette is only suitable for those looking for true life transformation”

– Client (age 33), Social Worker (first reading in 2014)

Psychic: My initial consult with Yvette was for a psychic reading back in 2004. I have had readings before Yvette but they were usually hit and miss. The reading Yvette gave me was incredibly accurate – even down to conversations without me saying a word – I was amazed. Even more astonishing – this was a telephone reading. Every reading I have had from Yvette over the years has always been correct- she is a very gifted psychic and totally transformed my opinion of psychics abilities.

Kinesiology & EFT: I first encountered Yvette through a psychic reading over the phone. It was a very challenging time in my personal life and was seeing a kinesiology practitioner in Melbourne. Although hesitant I decided to start sessions with Yvette as I had seem to plateau and was not making any further progress – something was missing. By this stage my self esteem was at an all time low, I was suffering family issues, and was unemployed for some months. This decision proved to be life changing and the greatest gift I could have given myself.

I have gone from losing everything to creating a whole new life I never dreamed I could have. There were times when I thought about giving up on myself but I didn’t thanks to Yvette – I am so grateful to her for coaching me through those human moments. Now I have a whole new outlook, a new life, financial freedom and endless opportunities. All thanks to the amazing program that Yvette personally tailored for me. I’ve gone from living a life that was 3/10 to a life that is 9/10.”

– Client (age 48), Corporate & Government Legal Department